At Poerk Productions, a website is treated as the necessary digital profiling of your business. Certain aspects of it need to be properly designed and have a responsive design in order to deliver a sense of professionalism and confidence in your brand, product, service or company.

A site or landing page for your business needs to be clean and approachable if you want to inspire trust within your target audience. Since the site is essentially the hub of your online activity and channels, special care needs to go into its development and content management. In order to fine-tune that proces and online appearance, Poerk Productions is at your service.

For the development of your website I offer the following options: 

       basis          premium          luxe      
domain hosting consultancy  
website template
e-mail accounts configuration 2 3-5 6-10
content pages 5-10 11-25 26-40
social media set up * 1 2 3
One time price  € 365,- € 550,- € 850,-

The listed one time fee is in Euros excluding 21% VAT and excluding costs for domain and hosting services.

Social media

* Small businesses all over the world have been discovering the ways social media can contribute to success and growth in all areas of their companies. Poerk Productions can advise on ways to use social media so the content of your website can be shared with social media easier and faster. 

Site     Onderwerp
Jackson Source     International community and news network of The Jacksons
Jermaine Jackson     Performing artist, singer, bassist and original band member of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons
Tito Jackson (official website)     Performing artist, singer, bassist and original band member of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons
Study Peace     Brand and movement by Marlon Jackson (original band member of the Jackson 5 and The Jacksons)
3T (official website)     Music group and performing artists, next generation of Jacksons
TJ Jackson (official website)     Performing artist, singer, and band member of 3T
The Family Rules     Inspiration and suggestions for parenting and families  
Stichting Jumelage Arnhem     City partnering of Arnhem with Gera (Germany) and Croydon (UK)
Bert van der Linden     Visual arts
3PO-advies     Consultancy company
Vitality     Nutrition consultancy


After your website has been implemented it needs ongoing care and maintenance, regardless of the addition or frequency in which content is added. Poerk Productions offers assistance in keeping your website safe and functional. 

Poerk Productions uses the content management system of Joomla! open source software to develop websites. Updating the software of Joomla! is important to keep the website safe and functional to avoid a site from "hacks", etc. 

Back up
Depending on the hosting contract with a provider, backs up of your website and its data are offered. To avoid any data getting lots in case of virus or hacks of your own computer or systems, Poerk Productions also makes back ups of the files on your web server so the website can be restored in case of damages. 

Content management
Although the CMS of Joomla! provides a way to add and edit content to your site, Poerk Productions offers to manage and assist in creating, adding and editing content to your site. With just one call or e-mail, your website can be updated! 

The following packages are available for website content management: 

  basic premium luxe
Joomla! updates
Back up database     2 per year       4 per year        4per year  
Back up webserver files     1 per year  2 per year  3 per year
Content management  2 hours  4 hours 6 hours
Price per year € 195,- € 325,- € 475,-

The prices listed are in Euros excluding 21% VAT and excluding costs for domain and hosting and paid up front for one year.