Jackson Source

Known as Jackson Source, I provide and engage in hands on management and news gathering and publication on various websites and various popular social media platforms on a daily basis, create, edit and/or design content (images, videos) for various social media accounts; maintenance and content management of several official accounts; networking with managers, (booking) agents, PA’s, business partners of The Jacksons, monitoring the fan community and communicate with news, video, media and other content providers to increase brand identity of the Jacksons. The Jackson Source Twitter account has over 52,000 followers.

Jackson Source was founded in 2006 by myself when the Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub (in which I was active both as crew and committee member) was discontinued after 26 years of service. At that time, the Official Dutch Jackson Fanclub existed for 26 years (since 1979) and was acknowledged by the Jackson Family. I joined the crew in 1998 starting with the translation (English to Dutch) and coordination of the latest news for the monthly newsletter, Jackson Magazine and the website. During my years as a crew member of this fan club, I met a lot of enthusiastic people and learned a lot about organizing events, team spirit and I developed graphic design skills.